Heat Pumps

Goodman Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps perform all year long to keep your home or business comfortable every single day.  Because Heat Pumps provide heating and air conditioning, they are an excellent option for Orlando and all Central Florida.  Ranging from 13.0 to 19 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and 6.80 to 9.85 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor), our reliable Goodman heat pumps will keep you comfortable year-round.

A heat pump heating system is truly an efficient choice for Florida homes. The heat pump has a reversing valve that transfers outdoor heat to your home’s interior for warmth during cooler seasons. During the summertime, the heat pump removes heat from inside the house and sends it outdoors.

Heat pumps are considered the most efficient source of home heating by energy experts. Many heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) specialists state that heat pumps are most efficient in areas where the average temperature is over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for Florida.

Since heat pumps displace heat rather than generating heat, they are incredibly energy-efficient, most often resulting in lower monthly energy bills. They also tend to have a long service life, translating to even more savings.

From the hottest summer day to the coldest February night, Goodman heat pumps work every day, day in and day out, to keep your family comfortable.

While heat pumps operate very efficiently when the outside temperature is over 30 degrees Fahrenheit, if the temperatures hit the 20’s or lower, they sometimes have to rely on a supplemental heat source.

As any Floridian knows, we rarely experience temperatures below 30 degrees. So, a heat pump will nearly always function at a high-efficiency level while heating your Central Florida home.

Regardless, it’s still advisable to have a backup heat source, just in case. A backup heat source will trigger when the heat pump first cycles on. This backup helps heat your home faster than the heat pump alone. So, to guarantee dependable heating, we still recommend having a secondary heat source, like a heat strip, in addition to your heat pump. Even on the rare occasion that a secondary heat source is needed, its combination with a heat pump still provides a highly efficient heating solution.

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