Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters

Should you buy a tankless water heater or a hybrid heat pump water heater? Well, that choice depends on the type of energy source you have available: gas or electric. Although a gas tankless water heater can make more sense, gas is generally not available (or too expensive) in the Orlando area.

Water heating operating costs

Plus, you should avoid electric tankless water heaters, because every electric tankless water heater we’ve tested fails in a couple of ways: Operating costs (It requires enough amperage to run 3-4 air conditioners) and flow rates (gallons of hot water provided per minute or “GPM”). So, If you want to use electricity for your water heater, a hybrid heat pump is your choice.

Customer Testimonials:

Customer Review
“It keeps water hot just like a standard tank but at a fraction of the cost; it will literally pay for itself in three years. It should be an easy decision for anyone looking to replace/upgrade their existing standard tank.” – Frank
Customer Review
“I had a water heater installed in a two-car garage in central Florida where we’ve had a very hot summer. I’ve been using heat pump mode only for maximum efficiency. I’ve had lots of hot water, and my garage is noticeably cooler. I strongly recommend one in tropical areas like Florida where it is hot.” – Tom
Customer Review
“The unit provides plenty of hot water and is cooling my garage (a big bonus in Florida). My six-month average electric bill was $186 before installing it, and my first electric bill since installing was $133. I am pleasantly surprised at just how much energy it is saving.” – Barbara

Why Hybrid?

A hybrid water heater offers exceptional value and benefits:

  • 10-year warranty –If you begin to experience any issues with your hybrid water heater, we’ve got you covered for a DECADE! No strings attached.
  • Up to 3.48 Energy Factor (EF) – These Energy Star certified hybrid water heaters are capable of saving you up to $330 a year or $3,500 over its lifespan.
  • Standard electrical connections – There are no extra hoops to jump through. Just install your hybrid water heater properly, and you’re good to go.
  • Keep existing electrical panel – There’s no need to call the electrician for an upgrade; hybrid water heaters will run on the same electrical system as a standard water heater.
  • No water treatment required – In Orlando water comes from the Floridan Aquifer. While the water is high quality, some types of water heaters require a water softener to be installed in order to maintain the warranty. With a hybrid water heater, no such device is required.
  • A smart investment – While a hybrid water heater is more expensive than your standard water heater, it’ll pay itself off in as little as two years!  

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