Problem: High Utility Bills

Problem: High Utility Bills

You can see the envelope from the utility company on the kitchen table. You know that you’re supposed to read it right away, but you are also keenly aware that you won’t like what it has to say. The truth is that your energy usage has risen slowly over the last 5 or 10 years, and you’ve been too caught up in the month to month routine of it all to pay any mind.

It’s probably not surprising that heating and cooling your home is the number one draw of energy in your home. Add to this the common knowledge that heating and cooling equipment becomes less efficient over time and you’ve got a recipe for high utility bills.

Once you notice the steady rise, it sinks into the back of your mind, constantly nagging at you. You can ignore that envelope, but tomorrow it will still be there, waiting for you. You’ve got to do something soon, but you’re not sure what.

We’ve got two ideas for you: maintenance and new high-efficiency equipment.


Over time, dust and other particles accumulate in your heating and cooling equipment, robbing it of efficiency. Regular maintenance like a tune-up from Rainaldi Home Services can help mitigate these issues and keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. In fact, research shows that regular maintenance can add years to the useful life of your equipment.


In the past few years, heating and cooling equipment has become much more efficient. This energy savings lowers the cost of operation and total cost of ownership in the long run. For example, upgrading from an older unit to a new 14 SEER heating & cooling system can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Learn more about new air conditioners from Rainaldi.

Got questions? Great! We’ve got answers. For great advice tailored to your home and your lifestyle, contact the experts at Rainaldi.

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