Problem: Leaking Water Heater

Problem: Water Heater Puddle

Nobody goes down to their basement looking for a leaking water heater. It finds you. You head downstairs to change your furnace filter or locate a missing toy for your child and you find yourself standing in a half-inch puddle. For most of us, the initial reaction is denial – the water has to be coming from somewhere else, right? But after a moment or two, you begin to face facts. That’s no random puddle. You’ve got a leaking water heater.

The kind of water heater you have is probably a traditional style. That means that it has a metal tank inside for holding the water while it’s being heated. The unfortunate part is that these tanks can corrode. The process takes a long time, and you can’t see it happening from outside the unit- but before you know it, you’re standing in a puddle with wet socks wondering what to do next.

The “next” part is fairly straightforward. You’ll need to install a new one. In that regard, you’ve got two options: traditional and tankless.

Tankless water heaters have some interesting advantages. The first of these is instant hot water. No more letting the shower run for a few minutes while the water warms up. The second, and more relevant to this discussion, is that eliminating the tank means that the water heater is less likely to leak on the floor of your utility room.

The good news is that Rainaldi Home Services can install both styles of water heater, and their experts can offer great advice on which option might be best for you and your family.

If you’re worried about getting a plumber to your home at an odd hour, don’t sweat it. Rainaldi Home Services can help you out of this jam any time, night or day.

Contact Rainaldi today about scheduling an appointment to talk about your options for water heater repair and installation.

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