How Does Electronic Leak Detection Work?

detect leaks electronically

Are you concerned about leaks in your home? You may be able to see a leaky faucet or notice a water spot on your ceiling, but how can you tell what’s going on in the plumbing underneath your home’s slab or within your home’s walls, for instance? Electronic leak detection allows your plumber to pinpoint and fix the leak, even when it’s out of sight. The professional plumbers at Rainaldi Home Services are trained in bringing this service to our Central Florida customers.

The basics of electronic leak detection

Many leaks occur without the homeowner realizing something is amiss until the water bill increases, or cracks appear in the home’s foundation. Electronic leak detection relies on acoustics to locate the source of a leak in your home.

All leaks generate a sound, even if you can’t hear it. Different leaks may make different sounds, depending on how much pressure is already in the pipes. A leaking pipe will produce sounds at different frequencies from those of nonleaking pipes. The sound may be different depending on the pipe’s size or material. An electronic leak detector uses a transducer to pick up this sound and send it to a security system, where your trained Rainaldi Home Services plumbing professional can decipher the messages and pinpoint the general area of the leak. From there, the plumber may rely on cameras or line-tracing equipment to inspect your home’s plumbing system and locate the leak.

What are the advantages of using an electronic leak detector?

Even a small leak can do big damage over time. Our goal is to find and fix the leak before cracks form in your walls or home’s foundation. If your Rainaldi Home Services plumber can accurately locate the leak’s specific location, the repair work will be limited to that area. There’s no need to dig around looking for an elusive leak.

Can your average homeowner use an electronic leak detector?

Leak detecting is a job you want to leave to the professionals. Using an electronic leak detector requires specialized training and skills to decipher the information relayed by the transducer.

Are you worried about leaks within your central Florida home? Have you noticed a spike in your water bill? Call Rainaldi Home Services now at (407) 413-9795 or schedule an appointment online now, before a small leak becomes a big, costly problem. Rainaldi Home Services is here for all of your plumbing and air conditioning needs.

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