The importance of leak detection: Stop leaks before they cause more damage!

Pipe Leak

You take great care of your home. From making sure the lawn is in tiptop shape to the interior staying clean and tidy, you understand the importance of homeowner maintenance. But, hearing the “drip, drop,” of the faucet in your bathroom is a nuisance that just keeps getting pushed to the backburner. This telltale sign …

The importance of leak detection: Stop leaks before they cause more damage! Read More »

Conserving Water-What You Need to Know

In Central Florida water conservation has become an important issue. 92% of Florida’s population depends on groundwater for drinking water. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you are doing your part in conserving water as a daily practice. Conserving water brings savings benefits and helps to prevent water pollution.

Why Isn’t My Water Clear?

A change in the color of your drinking water will cause most anyone to take notice.
When the color of your water changes you’re left wondering whether or not your water is safe and what is causing the sudden change in color.
We’re here to help. These are the most common reasons why your water is abnormally colored:

Why Is My Toilet Noisy?

A common question we hear on plumbing service calls is, “Why is my toilet noisy?” There are a few ways to answer that question, that’s why we’ve broken it down into categories to help you better determine what that noise coming from your toilet really is. 

Common Plumbing Leaks and Their Fixes

That pitter patter from your leaky faucet could be costing you a lot more money than you think.  Did you know that even a small leak at the rate of 10 drops per minute adds up to 347 gallons of wasted water a year.

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