Prepare Your HVAC Unit for Spring

spring hvac prep

Spring is just around the corner. While the winter months in the Orlando area may give our A/C units a break, now is the time to start thinking about the summer heat when we want our homes to be a cool respite. Rainaldi Home Services can help you prepare your HVAC unit for the Central Florida summer. Don’t wait for the first summer heatwave – spring into the warmer season with Rainaldi Home Services and our timely tips.

Change the air filter

An HVAC air filter works hard to catch dust, pollen, and other debris before it enters your home. A dirty filter can keep your A/C unit from running efficiently and can hike utility bills if the system is working harder than it should. The experts recommend replacing air filters every 30-60 days, or more often if your system runs continuously.

Clean the clutter around the outdoor unit

Before the summer heat arrives, make sure your outdoor unit is clean and free from debris. Pull the weeds and foliage that may be growing up around the unit. Also, make sure nothing impedes fresh airflow around the unit, as that can force it to work harder to cool your home.

Check the seals on your doors and windows

During the hottest summer months, you want to ensure the cool air stays indoors. Take a moment now to check the seals around doors and windows to ensure you’re only paying to cool the air that’s inside your home. Take care of any caulking or resealing now, so you’re not sweating it in the middle of July!

Schedule an A/C tune-up with Rainaldi Home Services

Rainaldi Home Services can get you set for summer with a spring A/C tune-up. Regular A/C tune-ups can extend the life of your unit and maximize its energy efficiency. They may also satisfy a requirement for your manufacturer’s warranty. Our trained technicians will clean your unit and perform a comprehensive list of maintenance tasks, so your A/C is ready for a Central Florida summer. Contact Rainaldi Home Services now at (407) 413-9795 or contact us online to schedule a spring tune-up and learn about other services we offer. Remember, Rainaldi backs up its work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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