Seven Steps to Protect Your HVAC System During Home Renovations

Protect HVAC during renovations

Home renovations can be an exciting but nerve-racking experience for Central Florida homeowners. There are so many things to consider regarding the before, during, and after of the renovations. While we understand this may add to the anxiety, your trusted experts at Rainaldi Home Services want to remind you not to forget about your home’s heating and air conditioning system.

Here are seven steps to protect your HVAC system and reduce your anxiety:

  1. An Ounce of Prevention

You wouldn’t go into this renovation with blueprints and plans, right? So, make sure you are aware of every aspect of the renovation project. Meet with your contractor to discuss the project’s timeline and what you should expect. Make sure your contractor knows the ins and outs of your home, including the HVAC system, ducts, and vents.

  • Turn Off the System

While we’re talking about planning, aim to plan for your renovation projects to occur during a milder time of the year. This will allow you to remain comfortable in your home with the HVAC system turned off. Having the system running while work is being completed can mean dirt, debris, and dust being sucked into your home, thus making more of a mess than the contractors themselves.

  • Dust Blocker

With the HVAC system turned off, and before any work is done, make sure any vents that are within the area of the renovation are covered with plastic. However, if there is a return vent in the area, do not block these since return vents keep your HVAC system running. Blocking the return vent can cause damage if the system is on and the air isn’t being returned. If you must keep the HVAC system running, call Rainaldi to have an air conditioning expert assist in preventing a bigger mess.

  • Dust Control

Before work begins, ensure that your contractor understands the importance of controlling the dust in your home. Construction activity should be limited inside your home, depending on the weather. Sanding and cutting of materials can generate large amounts of dust and should be done outside.

  • Clean Often

Make a routine of following each day’s work with a thorough cleaning of your home. Emphasize the need for the workers to clean up after themselves each day with the contractor, but also know that it’s best to follow up with additional vacuuming and dusting.

  • Don’t Forget the Filter

Remember that the amount of dust and dirt in your home will significantly multiply during the project, which means your HVAC filter will fill a lot faster than usual. Throughout the project, and especially in the weeks after, check and clean, or replace, your HVAC filter as often as needed.

  • Call the Cleaning Experts

Once the entire project is complete, Call Rainaldi for a more thorough cleaning for your HVAC system and air ducts.

To enjoy your newly renovated home, make sure it’s refreshed with clean, comfortable air coming from your HVAC system. Call Rainaldi Home Services at (407) 413-9795 to schedule your appointment before, during, or after your home renovation project.

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