Stop That Leak! How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head at Home

Fixing a shower head

A leaky showerhead can be quite an annoyance, not to mention it can be a costly annoyance. Most of the time, you can fix your leaky shower head, but if it turns out to be more complicated, we always suggest calling Central Florida’s own Rainaldi Home Services.

Fall Plumbing Maintenance Must-Do List

Dripping Water Drop From The Faucet

Fall is the perfect time to do plumbing maintenance in preparation for the colder months ahead. The cooler temperatures serve as a warning that winter is around the corner – and even here in the sunny Orlando area, we get nights that dip below freezing. Adding a few simple plumbing maintenance tasks to your must-do list can help prepare your home and prevent costly repairs (and headaches) during the winter months ahead.

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