Water Softening vs. Water Filtration

Do you notice that you have dry or flaky skin, or does your water have a chemical or rotten egg smell? Or do you have lots of soap build up or water stains on your plumbing fixtures? If so, you probably need a water filter or softener.

Florida is known for its hard water, so any kind of water softening or filtration system is a must-have for homes in the Orlando area.  But what’s the difference between softening and filtration, and which one is better?


Water Softening – How It Works

Hard water is caused by high levels of calcium and magnesium in the water. Water softeners treat the water by using salt and ion-exchange resins to remove these minerals. When the water comes in contact with the resins, the calcium and magnesium ions transfer out of the water and onto the active sites on the resin. Then they are replaced in the solution by the sodium ions.


Water Filtration – How It Works

Water filtration systems for your home treat water contamination by removing pollutants from it, like chemicals and heavy metals. Most filters work by trapping the contaminants in cartridges or filters. Then the water is streamed out without the contaminants. Some filters can treat microbial contaminants as well – these filters use UV light to sterilize the water, which destroys the bacteria and viruses in it.


Which one is best for you?

Water softeners will protect your home and fixtures from hard water stains and build up. But if you have other water issues, such as high chlorine or iron levels, a whole house filtration system would better suit you. Both options are available for whole-home set-up to insure you’ve got great quality water all throughout your home.


No matter which option is right for you, Rainaldi can help. We offer our Plumber Mate Water™ Systems that provide cleaner, better tasting water through your home. This set-up is available in both point-of-use drinking systems and whole-home systems. We also offer water softeners and conditioners to get rid of that annoying hard water.

For more information on water filtration and softening systems, visit our website and schedule your next service call or estimate online. Whatever system you may need, we can help. Getting better, clearer, cleaner water has never been easier.

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