What to Do When You’ve Dropped Your Wedding Ring Down the Drain

Your wedding ring made it down the drain. You’re upset, worried, and looking for an answer on how to retrieve it. Out of all the things sitting on your counter, your wedding ring has to be the thing to fall down the drain right as you’re supposed to be on your way to work.

Stay calm and follow our steps to retrieve your ring in no time.

Retrieving a Wedding Ring From the Drain

Step 1: Don’t run water down the drain, this will only make your ring harder to retrieve.

Step 2: Look for your sink’s P-trap. It’s the curved section of pipe that’s right underneath the sink. Once you’ve found it put a bucket and towels under it. Your ring is most likely at the bottom of the J-bend in the P-trap.

Step 3: Look for the slip nut at the J-bend, if you have an older home your pipes may not have this. In that case you’ll need to remove the p-trap with wrenches.

Step 4: Unscrew the slip nut at the J-bend. Let the slip nut hang loosely.

Step 5: Unscrew the slip nut at the other side of the J-bend. Hold the P-trap so that it doesn’t drop down.

Step 6: Retrieve your ring!

Step 7: Replace the slip nuts, and then run water through the pipe to make sure you didn’t create a leak.

We know your ring is important to you, if you’re not comfortable attempting the steps above give us a call we’d be glad to help you retrieve it.

Feel free to contact us for more plumbing tips for your Central Florida home.

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