Your House can Help Reduce Spring Allergies

Girl blowing nose

Wouldn’t it be nice if your home could help you reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms? If you asked the professionals at Rainaldi Home Services, you would find that yes, your home can do that. And they can help make that happen.

So, how is it possible for your home to reduce your seasonal allergies? It all centers around your heating and air conditioning system, inside and outside. First, we’ll start outside by cleaning the area around your outdoor unit. Clearing debris from around your outdoor unit will assist in the system’s efficiency, as well as allowing your unit to pull in cleaner air.

Your HVAC unit pulls in air from the outside, circulating it throughout your home. Any dirt, dust, and debris can be drawn in, bringing allergies along.

Next, the air that is brought in is filtered through your system’s air filter. It’s essential to invest in high-quality air filters because, as they say, you get what you pay for. Look for a filter with a minimum MERV 8 rating (air filters are measured by particle filtration level, with 20 being the highest/best). You’ll want a filter that traps the smallest allergen particles.

Finally, remember that air filters should be checked monthly and replaced at least every quarter (three months) to ensure the HVAC system’s efficiency and air quality.

Sometimes air filters that are part of a home HVAC system need some assistance in cleaning the air. That’s why Rainaldi offers whole-house air filtration systems. These systems can take the air from the outside, pass it through the HVAC air filter, and fully filter out the allergens and particles in the air, relieving the symptoms associated with asthma, allergies, hay fever, etc. other breathing difficulties.

As the air passes through the air filters and home filtration system, it enters the living space of your home through the vents in your floor or ceiling. During your weekly cleaning, it is recommended that you dust your vents. Dust mites are a common indoor allergen that may not be caught by air filters or air filtration systems since they’re already in your home. Be sure to use a damp rag to pick up particles from the registers and return vents, eliminating the possibility of sending particles back into the air.

Another routine action that can reduce allergy symptoms and help increase your system’s efficiency is scheduling an HVAC maintenance appointment with Rainaldi Home Services. Having regular maintenance prolongs your equipment’s life, plus pinpoints potential significant issues that could happen at any time. Your Rainaldi technician can answer air quality questions and recommend best practices to improve your home’s air system.  They can also recommend quality products and services to help save you money and frustration during allergy season.

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