4 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC for Storm Season

Prepping your HVAC for a storm

Warmer weather comes with pool days, family cookouts, and intense storms – especially in Florida. Elements like hail, damaging winds, and heavy rainfall can damper your spring and summer plans.

While homeowners prepare for the stormy season by stocking up on batteries, flashlights, and canned food, their HVAC systems often need to be remembered. To make sure your unit is protected, here are four steps you can take to prepare your HVAC for the storms that are ahead.

Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance Appointment

This is one of the most influential and proactive steps you should take before the storm and hurricane season arrives. If there are any underlying issues with your HVAC, you want to ensure they are detected before damaging storms pass through your area. Schedule an appointment for a professional to come out and inspect your AC system so you can avoid any surprises during this season.

Clear Debris Away From Your Unit

Tropical storms and hurricanes bring high wind speeds that can cause loose debris and objects to take flight and come crashing down on your HVAC unit. If a storm is in the weather forecast, place your outdoor furniture, décor, and equipment inside your garage or home, or try to tie them down. Also, perform a quick inspection around your unit to ensure no weak tree branches could break off during the storm and cause exterior damage to your HVAC.

Secure Your AC Unit

Speaking of things flying away, the last thing you want is to have a Wizard of Oz moment and see your HVAC unit taking flight during a storm. Ensure your unit is stabilized correctly with hurricane straps to prevent it from detaching from the concrete slaps. This step is critical if you live in an area that often experiences strong winds.

Cover Your Outdoor Unit

While you do not need to place a cover on your unit year-round, it is necessary if you are expecting a strong storm with high winds. After turning off your air conditioner, place a heavy tarp or cover over it to protect it from flying debris or objects. Remember, even if you followed the previous step to clear trash in your yard, there might be homeowners around you who did not do the same. Also, remember to remove the covering once it is safe. Trapped moisture can create an environment for mold and mildew to grow.

HVAC units are one of the hardest-working systems in our home, so they need extra care leading up to the storm season. Contact the Orlando HVAC professionals at Rainaldi Home Services to schedule your maintenance or repair appointment. Call us at (407) 413-9795 or schedule your appointment online. By taking these steps, you’ll be prepared to face the upcoming weather and be more comfortable than ever! 

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