5 Ways to Conserve Water This Summer

faucet and water flow

Summer is right around the corner, meaning water usage is about to spike across the country. The gallons add up fast between watering plants, washing your car, and filling up your inflatable pool.

Being conscious about the water your household uses is not only great for your wallet, but it is also great for the environment. Here are some simple ways to conserve water in your home as the temperature rises.

Fix Plumbing Leaks

Did you know that a faucet dripping once every two seconds adds up to over 1,500 gallons of wasted water annually? Not only can these leaks cost you a pretty penny, but they can also cause water damage in your home that can be costly to repair. It is always a good idea to inspect your home for any potential leaks and to get them repaired by a plumbing professional as soon as possible.

Upgrade Your Plumbing Fixtures

In with the old, out with the new! If you have an older home with outdated toilets, faucets, and shower heads, you may need to evaluate what needs to be replaced. Old plumbing fixtures are often less efficient than new models. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our plumbing professionals if you are unsure whether it’s time to replace your current fixtures.

Rinse Your Produce in a Bowl

Summertime is the season for weekly trips to the farmer’s market for fresh produce. This year, instead of washing your fruit and vegetables under running water, rinse them in a bowl of water. This reduces the water you use while still getting your produce squeaky clean.

Water Your Lawn Wisely

There is nothing like a freshly mowed, green lawn in the summer. Although beautiful lawns are great to look at, it often comes at the cost of wasting water. During the warmer months, water your lawn during the cooler parts of the day when the evaporation rate is lower. When you water your grass and outdoor plants during the warmer parts of the day, the water can evaporate quickly before it even gets to the plants’ roots.

Schedule a Plumbing Appointment

When it comes to water conservation, plumbing professionals are the experts. If you aren’t sure why your energy bill is sky high, or you want to make sure your plumbing system is working efficiently, have our licensed plumbers come out to diagnose any issues, fix any repairs, or perform a maintenance check.

We hope these tips help you and your family conserve more water and reduce your water bill this summer! Whether you need more water conservation information or a plumbing service in Orlando, Rainaldi Home Services has got you covered. Just give us a call at (407) 413-9795 We look forward to servicing your Orlando, Florida home!

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