5 Things to Know About Formaldehyde and Indoor Air Quality 

Formaldehyde and Indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality is something on everyone’s mind since we all spend more time at home with the rise of remote work and unpredictable weather. One of the most pressing issues regarding indoor air quality is the presence of the chemical formaldehyde. This indoor air pollutant is a colorless, pickle-like smelling gas that can be a potential irritant, especially if you are prone to allergies or asthma. 

Common Causes of Formaldehyde in Your Home

Formaldehyde is in many common building materials, including pressed wood products such as laminate flooring and cabinetry. Other wood products like furniture, permanent press fabrics including curtains and drapes, and household products such as glue, paints, detergents, and pesticides contain formaldehyde. Gas or wood-burning stoves and kerosene heaters are also familiar sources of formaldehyde in your home.

Health Effects of Formaldehyde

Exposure to formaldehyde in your home can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and skin. It can also increase breathing problems for those who have asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). These effects can happen to anyone, but children, older adults, and those with breathing problems are the most affected.

Avoid Smoking Indoors

Secondhand cigarette emissions contain formaldehyde and harmful chemicals that result in poor air quality and health. Avoiding smoking indoors is one of the easiest ways to reduce your formaldehyde exposure. Eliminating tobacco products indoors will increase your home’s air quality.

Reduce Your Exposure

Another simple way to reduce your formaldehyde exposure and increase your indoor air quality is to open your windows for a few minutes every day to let in the fresh air. You can also install and use exhaust fans as much as possible. Keeping the temperature and humidity inside your home at the lowest possible setting is also a great way to eliminate many indoor air pollutants that thrive in the heat and humidity. You can also purchase products that contain low or no formaldehyde in the future.

Invest in a High-Quality Air Purifier

Air quality is one of the most influential factors in your health, and you can’t always tell if the air you’re breathing has pollutants or not. An air purifier can help you breathe easier by eliminating airborne contaminants. A high-quality air purifier is an excellent investment to improve your indoor air quality and your family’s overall health. 

At Rainaldi Home Services, we care about your home’s indoor air quality and your family’s health. Our service technicians can help you reduce your risk of exposure to formaldehyde and other indoor air pollutants by installing a filtration system in your home.

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