8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners!

Don't use drain cleaner

If you’ve got a slow drain that you’re trying to clear, you may be tempted to reach for a chemical drain cleaner. But there are SO many reasons not to, and not just what you’d expect …

1. They’re corrosive

The chemicals in drain cleaners are highly corrosive. When they come into contact with your skin, they can cause chemical burns. And if they get in your eyes, they can cause blindness. That’s not enough reason to avoid a product, but as we’ll see later, it reflects how harsh the product will be on your plumbing!

2. They’re toxic

The chemicals in drain cleaners are also toxic. If you inhale them, they can damage your lungs. If you ingest them, they can damage your digestive system. If you have small children or pets in your home, sometimes it’s better to avoid having these products around!

3. They’re bad for the environment

Drain cleaners are not biodegradable, so they’ll sit in landfills and pollute the ground and water around them. And when you pour them down the drain, they can end up in rivers and lakes, where they’ll spoil the water and harm wildlife.

4. They can harm your septic system

If you have a septic system, it’s essential to be careful what you put down the drain. Your septic system is designed to break down organic material, not chemicals. Some chemicals can harm the bacteria in your septic system, leading to problems.

5. They don’t always work

Even if you use a drain cleaner as directed, there’s no guarantee that it will clear your drain. Sometimes the chemicals in the cleaner can make the clog worse since they can react with the materials in the clog, or get stuck on top of the clog, making it harder to break up.

6. They can damage your plumbing

Because of their corrosive nature, drain cleaners can damage your pipes. Over time, this damage can lead to leaks, which can cause water damage in your home. The damage can also cause your pipes to burst, which can be a big hassle (and a big expense) to fix.

7. The companies that make them don’t always have your best interests at heart

Many of the companies that make drain cleaners are more interested in making money than helping you clear your drain. They often include false and misleading information on their products, like claiming that their product is safe for all types of pipes when it’s not.

8. It can be a “quick fix” for a more significant problem

If you use a drain cleaner to clear a clog, you may think that the problem is solved. But what’s happening is that the drain cleaner is just pushing the clog down the drain, or perhaps the clog is caused by tree roots, which means that the drain cleaner won’t do anything! In the meantime, you may have caused damage to your pipes that will be expensive to repair.

In many cases like these, you have no way of knowing without calling a plumber! So if you’ve got a slow drain, it’s better to call a professional than to try to fix it yourself with a chemical drain cleaner. If you’re dealing with a nasty clog and thinking of resorting to a dangerous solution like chemical cleaners, know that the pros at Rainaldi Home Services are here to help. Please schedule an appointment online or give us a call: (407) 413-9795

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