Can a Zone Control System Save You Money?

The kids are heading back to school, and you’ve just spent way too much on those must-have outfits for your kiddos and school books. And, maybe that memory-filled, summer vacation has left your bank account a bit lighter.

We’re all looking for ways to save more money, right?

A great place to start is by looking at your home’s HVAC system. It contributes to a large part of your monthly energy bill, so looking for additional ways to trim expenses in this area makes a lot of sense. Zoned heating and air conditioning should reduce your home’s total energy use and cost while precisely controlling temperature in each room or zone.

Want to learn more? Read on!

What is a zone control system?

A zoned system is a single HVAC system serving two or more zones, rather than two separate HVAC systems. It helps cool or heat your entire house by dividing it into individual sections based on your family’s heating and cooling needs. For example, your kitchen and dining room can be one zone. The controls let you modify the temperature in each zone to align with your preferences.

Let’s get a clearer picture of how a zone control system works and will save you money.

Next, how does it work?

A zone control system increases your home’s efficiency and will, therefore, lower your utility bills if properly installed. It’s a waste of energy if you set the temperature the same throughout your house including rooms which you do not use all the time. When you shift to a zone control system for your home, this is where you’ll see the most savings. You’ll be able to control and adjust the temperature of the rooms which you seldom occupy so that it won’t add to your monthly energy bill.

An HVAC zoning system prevents hot spots and cool spots in your home. You will be provided with the perfect amount of cooling and heating in each section of your house. Since each zone has its own thermostat, you can adjust the temperature in each room without compromising the others.

It can also lead to a longer lifespan for your HVAC system. Since your units don’t need to cool or heat the entire building, the chance of wear and tear is also reduced which prevents extra expenses for repairs and replacement.

In addition, a zone control system increases comfort for your family. The temperature preferred by each member of the family may vary. One member can remain in a room and adjust the temperature based on how cool or warm he or she wants it to be without disturbing other members’ temperature preference.

If you live in the Orlando area and you’re interested in a zoning system or any other high-efficiency HVAC system, give Rainaldi Home Services a call! We’d love to talk about all the ways we can help you save money. Our number is (407) 413-9795 or schedule an appointment online!

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