Everything to Love about Hot Water on Demand

Hot Water on Demand

Love is an enveloping feeling of warmth. And during the month of love, Rainaldi Home Services wants all their customers to feel the love year-round with a new water heater.

Did you know that most water heaters have an estimated lifespan of only 10-15 years? That’s not a long “love affair.” At Rainaldi, we know that your family’s indoor comfort is a priority, so your trusted home service professionals offer the highest quality in water heaters—traditional and tankless.

We know it might be hard to choose between the two suitable options, so here’s one way to choose for the best fit:

Tank Capacity
Traditional – The capacity of a traditional water heater tank is dependent on the size of the appliance itself. Most traditional water heaters will have a tank that can hold 30-50 gallons of water. Once the water is depleted from the tank, it fills up again, ready for the next use.
Tankless – Tankless means “no tank,” so there is no holding tank for water. Water comes in, is heated, then is used.

Appliance Size
Traditional – Because of the traditional water heater’s ability to hold that much water, it will require a relatively large space in your utility room, garage or wherever you might keep your water heater.
Tankless – Because there is no large holding tank for water, tankless water heaters require much less room than a traditional water heater. Some homes even hold a tankless heater in a wash closet or under the sink.

Initial Investment
Traditional – You’ll notice that majority of new homes will have a traditional water heater already installed. This is because traditional water heaters have a lower initial cost.
Tankless – Tankless water heaters require some work when replacing a traditional water heater, subsequently raising the initial investment price.

Energy Efficiency
Traditional – It takes a lot of energy to keep 30-50 gallons of water hot and ready for your use. This may mean higher energy bills, depending on how much hot water your family uses.
Tankless – Because there is no big tank of water being kept warm, tankless water heaters can be more energy-efficient than those requiring a tank.

Hot Water Readiness
Traditional – A tank of 50 gallons of hot water does mean you’ll have hot water on demand until you run out. There will be a lapse in the availability of hot water once the initial tank is emptied.
Tankless – Do you have many people living at home and/or spending more time at home? Tankless water heaters are known for their hot water on demand. There’s an unending supply of hot water because of the constant water flowing through the system.

Rainaldi’s trained and trusted professionals will come to your home to help you choose the best fit for your family, home, and budget. If you live in the Orlando area, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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