Five Ways to Love the “Heart” of your HVAC System

Air conditioner with a heart

While Orlando winters usually mean less stress on our heating and air conditioning systems, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the “heart of your home,” especially during the month of love.

It’s time to call the heating and cooling professionals at Rainaldi Home Services so we can provide some TLC to your home’s heating and air conditioning system.

Here are five ways you can provide care for your HVAC system:

  1. Every relationship needs to be maintained, and your HVAC system requires maintenance to feel loved. The worst time for your system to “break up with you” is during the hottest Florida days, but routine maintenance by a Rainaldi technician through a precision tune-up, all in about an hour, allows for a cleaner system.
  2. Sometimes you need a little space from each other and zoning your home can allow for that. Rainaldi offers zoning, which means your home is split into areas that have similar heating and cooling needs—giving you the ability to control the temperature of multiple areas, save money on utility bills, and provide indoor comfort for all your family members.
  3. Keeping the lines of communication open is important for any relationship, and that’s the same with your HVAC system. Resist the urge to close vents in your home, even if a room is uninhabited. Vents that are closed can mess with the balance of your HVAC system as it blows air throughout the ducts and vents, which forces the system to work harder. More work can aggravate even the happiest couple.
  4. A programmable thermostat installed by Rainaldi professionals helps you to control the comfort level in your home in a smart way. They give you precise temperature control and a schedule that allows for utility bill savings that can make everyone happy.
  5. Offering a refreshed perspective gives everyone the ability to breathe a little easier. Changing the air filter of your HVAC system will allow air to flow more freely, easing the burden on your system. Less work means more time for comfort and love.

Think of the professionals at Rainaldi Home Services as your HVAC relationship experts when it comes to the everlasting love between you and your Orlando-area home comfort system.

Contact us to schedule your routine maintenance or to discuss when it might be time to “break up” with your current system and find a better fit.

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