With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s important to plan not only for your meal, but also for what happens after the meal, the clean-up. After all, drain clogs probably aren’t something you’re going to want to deal with right after eating.

Thanksgiving is great, but it wreaks havoc on your plumbing. Plumbing service calls increase by at least 50% on the day after Thanksgiving. Luckily for you, you won’t be part of that statistic if you take the advice given in this blog. (Be sure to share the advice with anyone else helping in the kitchen that day too).


What not to throw down the drain this Thanksgiving: 


  • Those leftover turkey bones left on the plate. We’re talking about those small turkey bone scraps too. Bones can easily destroy your garbage disposal.


  • Turkey drippings. Turkey drippings are the grease, fat and oil from the turkey. When hot, turkey drippings are in liquid form, but when cold the drippings will solidify and that is when the drain can become clogged.


  • Large amounts of potato skins. These can create a starchy paste that can clog the drain.


  • Pasta and rice. Both expand when they are put in water. Imagine this happening when you pour pasta or rice down the drain, it creates a glue-like substance and can in turn form a clog.


  • Celery, onions and eggshells are stringy and can actually wrap around the interior of your garbage disposal, attach to the blades and cause it to stop working.


  • Coffee grounds collect in your drain and can form a clog.


We suggest printing out this list and hanging it on the fridge. It’s an easy way to avoid having to call out a plumber on a day when your focus should be on spending time with family and friends.

Thanksgiving isn’t the only time that these tips are important. Keep them in mind during daily kitchen use, it doesn’t hurt to save money year-round.

If you encounter a clog and need our help, call Rainaldi day or night. We’re always ready to help.

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