Why You Should Change Your Dirty Air Filter

You’re busy, we get it. It’s easy to forget or push aside small maintenance tasks around the home. Unfortunately, these small maintenance tasks that you’re forgetting or pushing aside could end up causing you more headaches in the future.

One maintenance task you want to make sure you don’t miss is changing your dirty air filter in your air conditioner.

Here are a few headaches that a dirty air filter may cause:

1. Dirty air. If your filter is dirty your whole home is getting dirty air blown back into it.

2. Reduced airflow. If the internal airflow amount isn’t being met then the air conditioning unit may malfunction.

3. Increased energy bills. Since your air conditioning unit has to work much harder to cool your Florida home, it uses more energy, causing higher energy bills.

4. Frozen coils. A dirty filter allows dirt to build up on your coils, causing your system to not be able to transfer heat as effectively, in turn causing your coils to freeze over.

A simple maintenance task like changing your air filter is one of the most important tasks that should be done to properly take care of your cooling system. An air filter should be replaced every 1-3 months depending on usage.

Having your air conditioning system put on a yearly schedule saves time and money. Regular maintenance will pay for itself in lower repair costs and more efficient operation.

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