Harnessing the Power of Ultraviolet Light in Your Home

UV light benefits

It turns out, UV lighting can do more than give you a tan. When you’re discussing air quality in your Orlando-area home with your Rainaldi technician, there may be a suggestion to add UV lighting to your HVAC system as a way of purifying the air.

Why UV Lights?

Using certain UV lights in your home comfort system can prevent microorganisms from circulating throughout the ductwork, and the lighting works as a disinfection process. The type of UV lighting used in your home is short-wave and invisible to the human eye, so it’s not the kind of UV rays that you associate with causing tanning of the skin (UVA) and skin cancer (UVB). Bacteria, fungi, and viruses can be killed by exposure to the type of UV rays in your home comfort system (UVC).

How is UV Lighting Effective?

If installed by a trained professional like Rainaldi, UV lighting can be very effective in your home’s system’s air quality and health. It’s important to understand that only a professional with experience installing ultraviolet germicidal lights should install and replace the lighting. The system’s effectiveness depends on the correct placement and direction of the right number of lights, as well as the temperature and humidity levels within your home or business.

How does UV Lighting Work?

Dark, damp areas are breeding sites for mold, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Your home’s air conditioning unit greatly expounds the potential for growth of these health-inhibitors because of the coolness provided by the cooling coils and the darkness that is the entire unit. The potential for growth is just a natural byproduct of these conditions, but it doesn’t have to be the only result.

Ultraviolet lighting kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses in two different ways: air and surface. The lights, which resemble fluorescent bulbs, are installed inside the air handler, between the cooling coil and the filter rack. The light kills anything growing on the cooling coil and whatever might grow on the drain pan below.

Is UV Lighting for Me?

If the idea of bacteria, fungi, and viruses floating around your home disgusts you, then, yes, adding UV lighting is for you and your home or business. Discuss installing these bulbs with your Rainaldi service specialist to see how they fit within your current home comfort system. Pairing UV lighting with an air filtration system will help your family and employees breathe a little easier while helping your system work a little easier as well.

Call Central Florida’s home comfort experts at [scad_phone] to discuss how Rainaldi can help bring more health to your home with UV lighting.

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