Prep Your Plumbing Before Holiday Vacation

Home prep before leaving on vacation

Preparing your family for trips during the holidays can be overwhelming, so it’s easy to forget that your home requires preparation to continue to stay safe and run efficiently during your absence.

Travel agents are reporting that half of Americans are planning to travel at some point during the holidays, leaving their houses standing empty. Unfortunately, they don’t have stats on how many of these travelers know to prepare their home’s plumbing for their extended absence.

The essential checklist for preparing your home for your holiday vacation is a lot like any essential home maintenance checklist:

When was the last time you did a thorough check of all the pipes inside your home? If it’s been a while, you might consider investing in a call to Rainaldi for an experienced plumber to review the integrity of your pipes. Any small crack can cause a big leak that will create a huge mess waiting for your return.

Are the drains all clear? If you’ve been noticing some slow draining or unusual backup in your sink or shower drains, take the time to clean out the drains (avoid using harsh drain cleaner chemicals) to prevent standing water, stagnant smells, or even sewer gnats.

How healthy is your water heater? Traditional water heaters tend to be the most significant cause of vacation plumbing problems. Gallons and gallons of heated water just standing there for use for days can be the catalyst for substantial leaks. Newer styles will have a “vacation mode” that you can utilize while you’re away, allowing you to save money and help your home operate more efficiently. Also, look to adjust the temperature of your water heater while you’re away—no need for hot water when you’re not using it.

Is your water valve shut off? The best way to prevent any issues while you’re on vacation is to shut off the main water valve in your home. Having this turned closes off the water flow into your home, so any potential busted pipes or leaks won’t happen while you’re gone. It’s the best way to have some ease of mind during your trip.

Do you have an extra set of eyes at home? If you have a neighbor you can trust, let them know you will be gone on vacation and ask if they can keep an eye on things in your home. Not only is this a valuable tool to prevent any potential home invasion issues, but your neighbor can make sure that you don’t come home to significant damage, should any issue occur. Make sure your neighbor has your phone number to contact in case of an emergency.

Issues happen all the time, whether you’re on vacation or not. That’s why it’s crucial to have (407) 413-9795 in your phone to call Rainaldi any time, night or day. Let Central Florida’s plumbing experts help keep your home happy while you’re on vacation.

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