Help, My Toilet Won’t Stop Running!

Running toilet issues

So, you or someone in your home flushed one of the toilets and left the bathroom like usual. However, you realize your toilet is still running a few hours later!

Several things could have caused your running toilet, some of which are quick fixes. Instead of panicking and flushing the toilet repeatedly (which can lead to overflowing), take a deep breath. Here are a few reasons why your toilet may be running and what your next steps should be.

Your Toilet Handle Is Stuck

Sometimes if the toilet handle is jammed, your toilet will continue to fill up with water and overflow, or the toilet may not flush. If this is why your toilet is running, then you are in luck! If your handle is jammed, remove the toilet tank cover and gently pull the rod/lever up and down a few times. If this does not solve your problem, you may need to replace your toilet handle completely.

Your Toilet’s Float Needs Repositioning

 A common cause of a running toilet is because the float is too high. A float is a device that allows the water to fill the toilet tank to prevent it from overflowing. Sometimes if your float is too high in the tank, it will cause your toilet to run constantly. If you open your toilet tank and notice that the float is at the top or just above water level, then it is too high. To fix this problem, adjust and move it down a bit, then try flushing your toilet. Continue this process of adjusting and flushing until your toilet is no longer running. 

There Is An Issue With The Flapper

The job of a toilet flapper is to seal the water in the tank. When the flapper gets old and worn, it cannot properly seal the water, which allows water to continually pass from the toilet tank down into the toilet bowl. The flapper chain may also be too short or too long, which can also contribute to a toilet running. If you suspect either of these is the issue, it may be time to get a replacement or adjust the flapper chain length.

Remember, you don’t have to figure out your plumbing issues alone! Calling the experts can relieve any stress caused by your plumbing. The expert plumbers at Rainaldi Home Services are more than happy to service your Orlando Home! Just call us at (407) 413-9795 to schedule your appointment today.

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