Want to DIY your HVAC Installation? Here is Why you Shouldn’t!

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With the rising costs of living, more and more people are attempting to complete repairs around the house on their own instead of hiring help. Platforms like YouTube and Google make almost all DIY projects seem like a piece of cake.

However, as tempting as finding a step-by-step tutorial on installing an HVAC system may be, we strongly advise against it. You can be taking an unnecessary risk and only causing yourself a headache down the line. Here are a few reasons you should leave HVAC installations to professionals.

Safety Concerns

Saving money and installing your HVAC unit may seem like a good idea at first, but at what cost? This task can put you at significant risk without the proper education and training. Anytime you deal with electricity and chemicals, you risk making fatal mistakes such as electrocution or chemical exposure. Not to mention the danger of operating a heavy piece of equipment.

Increased Costs

HVAC systems have several moving parts. Because of this, the chances are high that the unit will be installed improperly if not performed by a professional. This can cause premature wear and tear on the unit, which means thousands of dollars down the drain. Even though you think you may be saving money, a DIY installation can create a mess with a costly cleanup.

Potential Voided Warranty

This is one of those times when it is imperative to read the fine print. Many manufacturers’ warranties provide free HVAC repairs under certain conditions. A common condition is that a licensed professional should install, repair, or maintain the unit. If the warranty for your unit states that this is a requirement, you can completely void it if you choose to do a DIY installation.

HVAC Units are Complex

We will be the first to tell you that HVAC units are complex pieces of equipment. Even if you do a basic Google search on the different parts of an HVAC, along with their descriptions, more is needed to install it yourself. There are many factors to consider, such as material durability, vapor pressure, air ventilation, emission rates… the list goes on and on. Give your brain a break, and call on the experts who are well-versed in all things HVAC.

When it comes to HVAC installation, you should put your toolbox aside for this one. At Rainaldi, we have a team of trained professionals so that you can relax knowing that the job is getting done the right way. We are your Orlando HVAC and plumbing experts! Give us a call at (407) 413-9795 to schedule your appointment today.

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