Why Do I Have High Water Pressure?

Water pressure

High water pressure is a problem that many homeowners encounter. While, it may not be as much as a nuisance to you as low water pressure would be, it can still cause unwanted issues in your home.
The average home’s water pressure should not be more than 80 psi. When the water pressure reaches over 80 psi the following problems can occur:

  • Leaks caused by extra stress on plumbing pipes.
  • Shortened appliance life on the washing machine, dishwasher, faucets, toilet parts, shut off valves and hot water heaters due to extra stress on appliances. 

It’s fairly easy to diagnose whether or not your home has high water pressure. Homes experiencing high water pressure will often hear or see the following signs:

  • Banging noises coming from pipes, often called “water hammer.”
  • Water spitting from your faucets.
  • Short appliance life, you’re noticing that your appliances have gone off the deep end.
  • Running toilets 

If you’re noticing the above signs, but still aren’t sure whether or not your water pressure is high, go to your local hardware store and pick up a pressure gauge. Screw the pressure gauge onto a faucet near your water meter. Look for a reading that is over 80 psi.
The cause of high water pressure usually stems from the following issues:

  • Water volume changes from your water heater heating up, resulting in thermal expansion inside your home.
  • Your water company in your town is keeping the water pressure high to meet the needs of fire hydrants or tall buildings.
  • Your home is in a low-lying area, like at the bottom of a hill. Believe it or not this is a real cause, in fact one of the most common causes of high water pressure in a home. 

A professional plumber will easily be able to help diagnose your water pressure problem and provide the right solution for your home.
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