HVAC Scams Exposed

At Rainaldi we hate to hear stories about homeowners being scammed by other HVAC companies. We’ve heard all the stories and are well aware of the fraudulent practices some like to use.
That’s why we feel that it’s important to warn all homeowners of the common scams and tactics used by some HVAC companies and those posing as them.
Common Scam Tactics:

  • Pushing oversized AC units
  • Charging for parts that aren’t actually replaced
  • Scammer threatening that your equipment will die shortly
  • High-pressure sales
  • Too good to be true offer
  • Verbal only offers
  • Non-certified or untrained companies/employees
  • Requests for large amounts of money upfront
  • The bait and switch
  • Scammers impersonating HVAC technicians
  • Being told equipment needs to be replaced when it’s a relatively easy and inexpensive fix 

Don’t worry most HVAC companies are reputable and you will never run across any of these scams, however, it is always wise to be prepared in the case that you do.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid HVAC scams:

  • Do your own research before agreeing to have any work done. Do a quick Google search for “signs of a bad compressor etc.” and see what comes up.
  • Ask for numbers and the formula they use to calculate the load and size of the AC unit.
  • Have the HVAC contractor hand you the old parts they replaced once the process is complete.
  • Look into a regular maintenance program with a reputable HVAC company.
  • Get a second opinion from a different HVAC contractor.
  • Check reputable sites for online reviews, ratings, and history.

Here in Florida the majority of HVAC scam victims are elderly, however it is becoming more and more difficult for the people running the scams because this age group is becoming more and more familiar with what to look for when hiring a HVAC contractor.

At Rainaldi we have zero tolerance for dishonesty.  We’ve been around since 1974 and have built our business around the philosophy of providing superior skills backed by the highest quality customer care programs in the industry. We want to provide homeowners with peace of mind, when you call us know that we take your problems seriously. We strive to earn your trust and business.

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