How Important is an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

It’s never a convenient time when your air conditioner or home comfort system decides to call it quits—sometimes it’s even on the hottest day in Central Florida. It’s been proven that the hottest days or coldest days see more breakdowns in systems, which can make your family feel uncomfortable, and unhappy, in your own home. This is why a regular maintenance routine is so important.

When a Rainaldi AC technician visits your home, usually they will discuss our maintenance plans. While you might think that they are just trying to upsell you more expenses, they’re actually trying to help you save money while keeping your system in working condition.

HVAC Maintenance Plan Benefits
A maintenance plan can save you money in lower utility costs because your technician is regularly keeping your air conditioning system working at peak efficiency year in and year out. With a well-maintained system you can expect fewer breakdowns, which will save you money with fewer unnecessary repairs. You will also add years to your AC system, which will also save you money.

Keeping your system regularly maintained will also help with keeping warranties valid—have you checked your warranty lately to see if you’re compliant? If you haven’t had regular maintenance, chances are you might not be.

But don’t get maintenance plans confused with insurance that your system will continue to work for years and years. Things do happen, but the maintenance plan is a partnership between you the homeowner and Rainaldi as part of a service contract.

So, what is part of a maintenance plan from Rainaldi Home Services?

  • Lubricating all moving parts – Parts that lack lubrication cause resistance in motors and increase the amount of electricity you use (increasing your energy costs). This resistance can also cause your equipment to wear out faster, which could require more parts and replacements.
  • Inspecting blower components – We will inspect blower components and clean and adjust them as necessary to insure proper airflow for better comfort in your home.
  • Tighten all connections – Things get loose with time, so we’ll tighten contactors and other parts to keep everything together for better flow.
  • Test switches – Keep the initial reactor working to everything can continue to work.

Discuss your maintenance options with your Rainaldi technician and see how we can keep your home and family comfortable, while keeping your wallet and your sanity happy.

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