Is It Too Much to Ask My HVAC System to Clean My Cool Air?

UV light sterilizes air

These days, we expect more out of our appliances. Gone are the days of single-use items that only keep food cold or wash your clothes. Now, your fridge can tell you the weather outside while your clothes washer can sanitize your clothes. So, why wouldn’t you want your heating and cooling system to do more than just keep your home comfortable?

By adding an air cleaning system to your home comfort system, you’re enabling your HVAC to do just that: multi-task. Now, not only can your home’s comfort system work to keep your house cool, but make the air your family is breathing healthier.

Rainaldi is now offering ultraviolet (UV) cleaning systems with every new air conditioning system purchase. The use of UV rays in sterilization isn’t anything new; it’s just new to the home comfort game. Adding UV lights to your air conditioning unit helps to keep your home cleaner and healthier because the lamps eliminate bacteria, mold, and germs at the source of your home’s air—the air conditioning unit.

How Does UV Light Work in My Home?
Ultraviolet germicidal lamps break down the DNA of mold and bacteria that can gather on your air conditioner’s coils. There are three different types of ultraviolet light, all of which are emitted from the sun. The lamps used within home comfort units use UVC light, which is the only type of ultraviolet light with a high-enough measurement of energy to sterilize microbes.

Once these lights are installed in your outdoor air conditioning unit and your air ducts, a fan is also installed, which assists in moving the air past the lights, thus allowing the microbes to pass through the light more often. The fan also helps improve the efficiency of your air conditioner.

The UVC light kills microbes in the air: bacteria, viruses, fungi, or mold. It’s a seamless process that happens whenever your system is active.

We recommend that your air ducts undergo a thorough cleaning before installing ultraviolet lamps. This allows for the lights to work more efficiently from the onset of the system installation. A heavily contaminated duct system might require a lot more work on your fan and lights before it can be successful in cleaning and sanitizing the air.

Plus, and how’s this for multi-tasking, adding UV lamps to your air conditioner not only helps keep your home healthier but also helps your system work at peak efficiency, thus lowering your utility bills.

Orlando’ AC Experts

If you live in the Orlando area, contact Rainaldi today to discuss how we can step up your HVAC unit’s efficiency while providing a cleaner, healthier home for your family.

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