Stop the Fight over the Thermostat in Your Home

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Stop the Fight over the Thermostat in Your Home

It’s time we talk about the underlying issue in Orlando’s homes. It’s an issue that is dividing families and has been for years. An issue that’ll leave at least one person begging for a cooldown.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t let this divide your household any further.

It’s time to call in a mediator. Or, rather, time to call Rainaldi Home Services at (407) 413-9795.

The professionals at Rainaldi Home Services can end the relentless battle over the temperature in your home. They can work with you to help everyone live happily ever after more comfortably.

With various options aimed to provide year-round comfort without the discomfort of thermostat wars or high utility bills, we can work to bring peace and indoor comfort to your home.

Ductless Split Systems
Adding the customizable comfort of a ductless split system to any room allows the person in the room the ability to set the thermostat to the exact temperature they want. Ductless split systems will enable you to install individual units within any room in your home without a hefty installation fee. Simply mount on the wall and connect with a simple wiring process, and the split unit is connected to a unit outside. No ducts are used, making this an excellent option for new additions or four-season rooms.

Install as many systems as you want in your home to give your home and its inhabitants more flexibility in comfort.

Perhaps the gripe in your home is that one room is much hotter than another, thus the urge to drop the thermostat a few more degrees. If you’re looking for more consistency in your home’s comfort levels, consider working with Rainaldi to install custom zones in your home. Zoning your home can help with any unique cooling or heating requirements. Technicians divide your home’s existing ductwork to work more independently, allowing you to cool or heat your home in a way that best fits your home and your family’s comfort.

Programmable Thermostats
Programmable thermostats allow for less conflict because you can just set it and forget it. These smart thermostats from Rainaldi work on a schedule of your setting, so you don’t need to have your home comfort unit working hard to keep the house at a chill of 64 degrees while no one but the cat is home. This allows you to save energy while saving money.

Programmable thermostats can be as technologically advanced as you would like or just simple enough for calendar settings. The thermostat allows you to be in control, thus negating any bickering about the temperature in your home.

Talk to an HVAC Expert in Orlando

If the battle still rages on in your Orlando-area home, contact Rainaldi and let our home comfort experts mediate and objectively rule in favor of total home comfort.

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