Is Your A/C System Ready for the Next Big Storm?

Planning ahead for a hurricane means boarding up windows and unplugging electronics.  But, don’t forget about your air conditioning system! Here are some important tips to ensure your air conditioning system is ready for the next hurricane.

1.     Schedule an A/C Tune-Up before and after.  Schedule your annual AC tune-up service early in hurricane season. A tune-up will verify your system is working efficiently. If a hurricane hits, follow-up with a check-up to ensure there was no damage from the winds and rain.

2.     Protect your outdoor AC unit. To keep debris from infiltrating your A/C unit, you can put a tarp over your unit. You also want to prevent your unit from moving due to the high winds of a hurricane.  You can anchor your unit by using specially designed straps that will fit on your A/C unit.

3.     Turn off your breakers. When a hurricane is headed your way, turn off the breaker to your thermostat and A/C system. Once the storm has passed, you can turn the breaker back on and restart your system.

4.     Install whole-house surge protection. Lightning is a threat during a hurricane, which means your house is more likely to have a power surge. A power surge can destroy electronics, appliances, and your AC unit. Unlike turning off the breaker to avoid a fire, surge protectors quickly disconnect equipment from the power supply if there is a power surge.

5.     Put up outdoor furniture and equipment. Outdoor furniture, toys, lawn equipment, tree branches and any other loose items can be thrown around in a hurricane.  These items can potentially hit your A/C unit, causing damage.  Remove or secure these items before the storm hits.

Call an Orlando HVAC Pro

At Rainaldi Home Services, our certified HVAC technicians can perform a tune-up on your A/C system and inspect it after severe weather has hit, checking for damage and performing any necessary repairs. Contact us today!


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