Signs your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

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Many of our simple luxuries in life are due to a water heater – a hot shower on a cold morning, clean clothes and bedding, and clean dishes. We may take these luxuries for granted, which is why the water heater in your home is often the most neglected appliance when it comes to maintenance. If maintained, your water heater should last for years without any major problems.

Below are a number of indicators that might signify you have an issue with your water heater.  Keep in mind regular maintenance will catch most of these issues before they become a problem or major repair.

Lack of hot water

If you are suddenly without or getting very little hot water, this may be due to the pilot light being out on your water heater.

Rust in your water

If you notice your water is looking rusty, your water heater may be rusting from the inside out.  This is a serious issue that can result in a leak, causing damage to your home.

Noticeable water around the water heater

If you see signs of water around or near your water heater tank, chances are you already have a leak.  Even minor leaks can cause damage to your home.  Contact a professional technician immediately!

Strange noises

If you hear knocking or rumbling noises coming from your water tank, you probably have residue build-up.  This build-up comes from mineral residue that accumulates in the tank.  It makes your system less efficient because it takes more energy to heat your water. The mineral residue will also reduce the volume of water that the tank is able to hold. And, it can cause damage to your system, leading to cracks and leaks in the tank.  An annual flush and fill of your water heater  will remove this residue, increasing the efficiency and longevity of your system.

Regular maintenance on your water heater can ensure the reliability and consistency of your hot water, as well as make sure there aren’t any hidden problems waiting to become major repairs.  As part of your maintenance, a flush and fill will ensure that you have the maximum volume of heatable water in your tank by removing any excessive mineral residue build-up. And by removing this residue you will help increase the efficiencies and longevity of your system.

At Rainaldi, we can help with all of your water heater needs, from maintenance, to repair to replacement.  Give us a call or contact us online to schedule an appointment!

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