Make Your Home Smarter in 2021

Smart Home

We’re fully into the 21st century, so isn’t it time your home started working hard for you?

Homes are getting smarter, and we aren’t measuring intelligence by IQ tests. Instead, it’s by adding technology to help protect your home while keeping it energy efficient.

  1. Doorbell cameras
    Securing your home is as easy as installing a new doorbell, thanks to the influx of doorbell cameras. Owners are utilizing these cameras to prevent “porch pirates,” watch over children coming home from school and even preventing burglars from breaking in.
  2. Programmable thermostats
    Using a programmable thermostat, like the ones offered by Rainaldi, allows you to control the temperature of your home, whether you’re in it or not. Most programmable thermostats offer menu-driven programming that is functional and user-friendly, seven day lifestyle programming, vacation controls and savings of up to 25 percent on annual heating and cooling costs.
  3. Robot vacuums
    Make your home work for you and avoid daily vacuuming thanks to robot vacuums. Some have scheduling options where you can come home to a clean home. Other vacuums can work over specific locations, depending on what you’ve programmed.
  4. Smart speakers
    Smart speakers can not only play music throughout the house, or in specific rooms, but can also answer questions like the current temperature and traffic conditions. The technology in these speakers has improved in terms of sound quality, giving you a crisper sound than ever before.
  5. Mini-split systems
    A mini-split air conditioning system gives you the ability to keep separate rooms in your house set at certain temperatures, allowing for a more custom feel. Each room can have its own control unit, resulting in greater efficiency and comfort, as well as greater savings in your utility bills.
  6. Smart plugs
    Smart plugs allow you to schedule and automate just about any object that would plug into a standard wall outlet. Smart plugs can be compatible with most systems such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. That old lamp from Aunt Ida? Now it can fit in with the rest of your smart home.
  7. Smart bulbs
    Or, if a smart plug isn’t your thing, you can turn Aunt Ida’s lamp into a smart lamp with the use of a smart bulb. Screw it in, link it to your home’s Wi-Fi and set to how bright you’d like your bulb to shine and you’re set!

When shopping for products for your smarter home, look for products that offer easy functionality with minimal installation. Start small by thinking first of things you’d like to control via voice (handsfree) or while you’re away from home. Your Rainaldi Home Services technician can sit with you and discuss what options would be best to make your home comfort system a smarter home comfort system and get you on the path to saving money with less stress along the way. Give us a call (407) 413-9795 today!

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