Things you can do outside your HVAC system to cool your home

Other ways to cool the house

We love our A/C in Florida. But some homes, especially older homes, may not have been built for an HVAC system. Some people are outside air purists. Some are simply trying to save a little money on energy bills. Learn to keep them cool even when the A/C is off this summer! If you’re wondering how to keep your home cool this summer without relying on air conditioning, Rainaldi Home Services has some suggestions.

Join the fan club

Not necessarily. A fan is a fan. Fans come in different sizes and perform various functions. For instance, an attic fan pushes out the hot air that can accumulate as heat rises, creating an overall cooling effect for your home. A whole house fan pulls cooler outside air into your house, letting you harness the naturally cooler evening air in the Orlando area. Simple box fans may remind you of Grandma’s house, but their breeze can create just enough of a wind-chill effect on your body to keep you comfortable. Ceiling fans can have the same effect, especially when you’re sleeping. Remember to run the fan counterclockwise, so the air flows toward you. Keep your fan blades clean – that dust buildup is unsightly and can also cause drag on the fan blades and force the fans to work harder.

Close the curtains

If you’ve lived in the Orlando area for more than a week, you realize how intense our sun can be. Invest in light-blocking shades or curtains to keep the sun from turning your home into an oven. For an additional layer of shade, consider planting foliage, trees, and other landscaping around your home’s exterior. An awning might also provide cool comfort.

Turn off the oven

Summer is fun to experiment with no-bake meals built around fresh salads or hearty sandwiches. Fire an outdoor grill, so you’re not heating your kitchen with cooking chores. If you’ve promised to bake a cake for your favorite person, consider timing the task for cooler evening hours.

Dress your bed (and yourself) accordingly

Breathable sheets make a huge difference when trying to sleep on a summer night. You may think your silk or sateen sheets are cool, but those materials tend to trap heat. Instead, opt for cotton or bamboo sheets. Pay attention to what you’re wearing as well. You’re in Florida – go ahead and live in shorts, t-shirts, or comfortable casual dresses.

Consider a compromise

A ductless mini-split system may offer the coolest comfort in the room you’re using. Instead of a whole-house HVAC unit, these systems allow you to cool individual rooms or small areas within your home. No ductwork? No problem. Ductless mini-split systems live up to their name, cooling your home without utilizing ductwork.

Rainaldi Home Services is your Orlando A/C repair and plumbing expert. If you’ve tried the above tips and decide you prefer the cool comfort of an air-conditioned home, call us now at (407) 413-9795 or contact us online. We want to earn your trust and confidence.

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