Signs It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC Unit

replace ac unit

One of the most expensive appliances you’ll ever own is your HVAC system. So, when considering replacement, it’s not a decision that you can afford to take lightly. We understand what a huge expense this can be for individuals and families and have provided a list of signs for when replacement might be the best option.

One indication that you may want to consider replacement is if you hear unusual or loud noises coming from your HVAC system. A well-maintained system should operate fairly quietly; however, as time goes by and the components get older, you may start to notice noises. Sounds like a blower that is humming louder, an outdoor unit making more noise than usual, or an air conditioner that makes noise as it starts up – are all issues that should be checked out by a professional HVAC technician. These sounds may be related to problems with fans, motors, blowers or other moving parts that can be repaired.

Although, once repairs are made, if unusual noises persist, it could be evidence that replacement is imminent. Another cue that you may need to replace your HVAC system is when repairs are increasing to a point approaching half that of a new system. Some of the components in your HVAC system can be replaced or repaired; nevertheless, over time all mechanical systems will eventually degrade and outlive their usefulness. At this point replacement will be necessary. It’s possible that certain components (such as the compressor, motor, and coils) will cost more to repair than a full system replacement. The cost of the parts, in addition to the labor could make repair an expensive band-aid…making replacement a better option.

According to, if “your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old” you should consider replacement. A properly maintained HVAC system might last a little longer than a decade, but beyond the 10 year mark you can expect an HVAC system to begin really costing you in repairs. At this point, older units also cost more due to inefficiency. As efficiency decreases, energy bills increase! Even the most state-of-the-art technology from 10+ years ago doesn’t nearly match the energy efficiency of today’s systems.

High energy bills may be a sign that you need to replace your HVAC system. As we mentioned previously, once a system reaches the 10-year mark, the efficiency tends to substantially decline. As a system ages it inevitably becomes less efficient; it works harder to provide the same demand for “comfort”, stressing all components. This can be especially problematic for those that do not have these systems serviced at least once or twice a year.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re going to have to replace your home’s HVAC system, there is some good news. A new system will provide higher efficiencies helping lower your utility bills while delivering consistent performance. By scheduling regular maintenance, you’ll be able to look forward to years of comfort, reliability, efficiency, and safety. When you’re ready for a new system, we hope you’ll give Rainaldi Home Services a call at (407) 413-9795. One of our trained, trustworthy technicians will be ready to walk you through the process, finding the perfect system to fit your needs.

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