History of Heating

Warming hands

Colder weather is just around the corner (brrr!), making us appreciate the invention of indoor heating! Have you ever wondered how amazing inventions came to be? The evolution of central heating systems dates back many, many years ago, advancing from campfires to hearths to fireplaces to stoves and even underfloor systems to become the modern central air systems that we appreciate and enjoy today.

How Does Zoning Your Home Save Money?

Zoning your home

You don’t turn on lights in rooms you aren’t occupying or randomly leave a shower running that you’re not using. Why should your cooling and heating system be any different? Traditional heating and cooling systems will heat and cool rooms whether someone is in them or not. HVAC zoning systems allow you to set multiple temperatures in your home. The idea being that you are only cooling or heating the rooms you’re occupying.

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