Ventilation during the Holidays

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During the Thanksgiving holiday, you may notice your home is more humid than usual. Activities such as cooking (preparing that yummy turkey and mashed potatoes), showering (from those extra guests visiting), clothes drying (more guests = more laundry), and dishwashing (the aftermath of your Thanksgiving dinner), affect the amount of moisture in the air.

Below we’ve listed some ways you can decrease the humidity in your home and ensure you and your guests’ comfort.

  • First ventilate, particularly the areas that create moisture, like your kitchen and bathroom.
  • In a house full people, a ceiling fan can increase your overall comfort. Although ceiling fans don’t decrease humidity, they will make you feel cooler. As the fan circulates the air, the air evaporates the moisture from your skin, creating a cooling sensation.
  • Crack open a window allowing the air to dry out. This is especially helpful in the bathroom or kitchen areas that tend to hang onto additional moisture for longer periods.
  • While cooking, cover your food and utilize the exhaust fans in which your home. Oven and stove-top cooking produce more moisture. Consider using a slow cooker, they contribute less to indoor humidity.
  • Plants release moisture vapor into the air. If you have lots of plants they can significantly affect your home’s humidity levels. You can temporarily place houseplants outside or relocate them to one room. Also, make sure not to overwater them.
  • You may also want to consider using a dehumidifier.
  • Your cooling system can help control moisture levels in your home. Your air conditioning system lowers moisture levels as it cools the air. It’s important to keep registers unblocked and open, allowing good airflow. And make sure to have your system inspected and serviced regularly to ensure proper functioning.

At Rainaldi Home Services we hope you have a wonderful (and comfortable) Thanksgiving!  Should you have any cooling or plumbing issues during the holiday, remember we’re only a phone call away!

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