How to Keep Critters Out of Your AC System

Creepy critters may be great for Halloween decorations, but they’re certainly not great for your AC unit. Mice, snakes, spiders and lizards are always looking for places to hide, and your AC unit is a hot property. Once they nestle into your system, they can cause extensive damage to the ductwork and wiring. Having pests in your AC unit will also affect your air quality.


Keeping these critters out of your AC unit is easier than having to deal with the aftermath.

Below are some of the ways to help prevent these pests from getting into your unit.


Keep Air Ducts Sealed

Visually inspect your air ducts and have cracks, holes and gaps in your duct work repaired immediately to keep any unwanted guests from getting inside.


Properly seal exterior vents 

The exterior attic vents on your home create the perfect nesting areas for rodents and other small critters. Keeping these vents properly sealed prevents your AC system from becoming infested with pests, and it also helps save money on heating and cooling costs.


Regular HVAC Maintenance

Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is an easy way to make sure critters stay out of your system.  During regular maintenance a technician will inspect your system as well as the areas around it making sure they are clear of debris and unwelcomed visitors. By keeping the area clear around your A/C unit you can help to keep infestations clear of your system. By making sure you keep up with regular inspection on your system, any signs of critters can be identified and taken care of before they cause major damage and expensive repairs to your system.


At Rainaldi Home Services, our professional technicians can perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system, ensuring it’s clean and free of critters as well as repair any damage done to your system by animals. Schedule your regular maintenance today!


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