Why Is My Toilet Noisy?

A common question we hear on plumbing service calls is, “Why is my toilet noisy?” There are a few ways to answer that question, that’s why we’ve broken it down into categories to help you better determine what that noise coming from your toilet really is.
What You Hear:
This sound is called water hammer and can be caused when a valve closes suddenly at the end of a pipeline system causing a pressure wave in the pipe. The pressure wave can cause many problems ranging from loud noises to a pipe collapse.
Hissing is one of the most common noises we hear homeowners asking about.
The continuous hiss may be the result of the refill valve not turning off. The hissing sound is made when high pressure water is passing through the restricted fill valve and entering the tank, this causes vibrations that you hear as hissing.
Jack Hammer
This rapid banging or jack hammer sound also known as resonance, occurs during the flush cycle and is caused by an obstruction in the main shut off valve at the wall behind the toilet, the supply line, or fill valve.
Short Air Bursts
This sound can occur when the fill valve is turning on and off because it is refilling lost water from the tank.
If you still have questions about the noises coming out of your toilet, stop searching and contact the experts at Rainaldi online.
Like any problem, if you know the warning signs of plumbing problems there are steps you can take to mitigate the damage it can cause.
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