Why Isn’t My Water Clear?

A change in the color of your drinking water will cause most anyone to take notice.
When the color of your water changes you’re left wondering whether or not your water is safe and what is causing the sudden change in color.
We’re here to help. These are the most common reasons why your water is abnormally colored:

  • Rust in your water
  • Copper in your water
  • Air bubbles
  • Your water heater needs a flush and fill
  • The zinc coating on the inside of your plumbing pipes are starting to wear
  • Mold
  • Algae 

Rust in your water is often indicated by yellow, red, or orange water. The oxidation of rust can cause your water to turn yellow, red, or orange.
An issue with copper plumbing or brass fittings can cause your water to turn a blue/green color.  Large amounts of copper in water can cause health problems. Call a professional plumber immediately.
Air bubbles suspended in water are often the result of cloudy/milky looking water. These air bubbles can occur when the colder water warms in your water heater. Not to worry, the bubbles usually clear on their own as the water warms up.
Water heater problems can often cause brown/yellow water during times of hot water usage. If you find that your cold water is clear but your hot water is brown/yellow the problem most likely lies here. Have a flush and fill performed on your water heater.
The zinc coating on the inside of the galvanized pipe may be starting to wear. When the water in those pipes comes into contact with the bare iron in your pipe the water may become discolored, resulting in the short spurts of brown and yellow water.
A mold issue could be the case when you are seeing black water. Call a professional plumber to diagnose the problem.
Algae that is growing in your water supply is often the cause of pure green colored water. Call a plumber to help remedy the issue.
If you suspect water quality issues don’t hesitate to call Rainaldi. One of our experts will be happy to answer your plumbing questions. 

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