Will a Bigger Air Conditioner Work Better?

Right size, greater efficiency. That’s the name of the game when it comes to choosing an air conditioner.
Most homeowners assume that a bigger air conditioner will make their home colder, faster. This can be true. Larger than needed air conditioners will cool down a room fast, dropping the temperature effectively.
But wait. There’s a down side.
Air conditioners that are too large for a home tend to start and stop more frequently, causing un-needed on and off cycling. Those un-needed on and off cycles lead to higher utility bills and premature wear and tear.
Not to mention, the reduction of moisture in the air is compromised, resulting in uncomfortable humidity levels.
Ultimately, having a larger than needed air conditioner in your home will cause you to pay more to cool your home to the same temperature that a correct sized air conditioning unit could have done for less money and energy.
A professional Orlando air conditioning contractor best determines what size air conditioner is best for your home. There are many determining factors that will affect what size air conditioner is right for your Orlando home. 
Two examples of this are ceiling height and type of insulation.
When an AC professional selects a new air conditioner for your home, one of the most important things they will note is the SEER rating. The higher SEER numbers are the most efficient and will save you the most money on your utility bills.
A properly sized air conditioner is important. It will run the correct amount of cycles to keep your home comfortable all while being efficient.
When in doubt, take a look at this home cooling info-graphic from Energy.Gov. It will tell you effective ways to properly cool your home and save energy.
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