How to Keep Your House a Comfortable Temperature During Your Holiday Cooking

Keep your home comfy during the holidays

You scored the hosting duties for Thanksgiving this year. Your fridge and pantry are loaded with all the ingredients for a scrumptious meal. As the big day draws near, you want to make sure you have covered every possible hosting scenario. What if the turkey is dry? The potatoes are runny? What if your home gets too hot during the dinner prep, leaving your guests searching for fresh air or at least a fan?

At Rainaldi Home Services, we understand the need for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. That’s why we’ve assembled some tips for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature while you prepare and serve your favorite holiday foods. This isn’t like those Thanksgiving dinners up north – you can’t merely open a window to let the extra heat disperse. But with proper planning, you’ll create a day worthy of your family’s Thanksgiving memories.

Turn down the temperature

Between the turkey in the oven, the potatoes on the range and the warming trays holding the stuffing and the green bean casserole, your home is going to have plenty of extra heat. Go ahead and set the thermostat a few degrees cooler than normal. It will keep your indoor temperature comfortable as the day progresses.

Worried about the house getting cold once the oven is turned off? Consider a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperatures at dinner time.

Turn on the exhaust fan

The boiling potatoes and the sweaty relatives can raise humidity levels in your kitchen. An exhaust fan doesn’t just move the air around, it sucks it in and out of the kitchen area to help keep everyone comfortable.

Change your air filter

Chances are, your HVAC system fan will be running throughout the day as it tries to keep up with a crowded house and busy kitchen. A dirty air filter will make the system work harder to pull in air. Even if you’re not due for a replacement, consider a brand-new air filter to give your HVAC system a holiday break.

Cook outside

One of the many benefits of living in central Florida is that you can enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. Let your outdoor grill or smoker take over some of the cooking duties. Have you ever tried to smoke a turkey breast? Roasted potatoes on a grill? Try a new grilling recipe for Thanksgiving this year.

Catch any HVAC holiday spoilers with a tune-up by Rainaldi Home Services

November in central Florida can be tricky. We may be pulling out sweaters, or we may be heading to the beach. You don’t want to risk losing your A/C or your heat over the holidays. Let Rainaldi Home Services give your HVAC system a regular maintenance check. Not only can we catch problems that can ruin a holiday dinner, we’ll also give your HVAC system a thorough inspection, lubricating the moving parts and addressing any potential issues.

Hang on, because the holidays are almost here and life is about to get busier than a turkey who’s trying to hide from the farmer. If you want to ensure a comfortable holiday season at home, call Rainaldi Home Services at (407) 413-9795 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Remember, Rainaldi Home Services is available 24/7. Our service department never closes, even when the rest of the neighborhood is gobbling down a holiday feast.

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