Summer HVAC Checklist

With summer already here, that means the Florida heat and humidity is in full effect! To help ensure you and your family stay comfortable all summer long, you should give your system a thorough once over just to be sure you’re ready for the heat!

Best Ways to Cool a Sunroom

Summer is here, and if you have a sunroom, you’re probably looking forward to spending time in it. Sunrooms are great spaces to spend time with family and friends or just to relax with a good book. They also let in tons of light and warmth which is great in the winter but can make it unbearable during the summer months. Below are some ways you can help cool your sunroom to ensure a summer of enjoyment.

How Does Zoning Your Home Save Money?

Zoning your home

You don’t turn on lights in rooms you aren’t occupying or randomly leave a shower running that you’re not using. Why should your cooling and heating system be any different? Traditional heating and cooling systems will heat and cool rooms whether someone is in them or not. HVAC zoning systems allow you to set multiple temperatures in your home. The idea being that you are only cooling or heating the rooms you’re occupying.

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