How Does Zoning Your Home Save Money?

Zoning your home

You don’t turn on lights in rooms you aren’toccupying or randomly leave a shower running that you’re not using. Why shouldyour cooling and heating system be any different? Traditional heating andcooling systems will heat and cool rooms whether someone is in them or not. HVAC zoning systems allow you toset multiple temperatures in your home. The idea being that you are onlycooling or heating the rooms you’re occupying.

Below is a list of benefits a zoned system provides: 

Improvedefficiency. A zoned system can improve the efficiencyof your heating and cooling system. Essentially this means that while atraditional system has to produce and move air throughout your entire home, azoned system can provide comfort to certain areas, the areas that you’reactually occupying. You’re getting the same level of comfort but using lessenergy. And by using less energy you’ll be saving on your monthly utilitybills.

Lesswear and tear on your system. With a HVAC zoning system you end up usingit less since you’re not trying to heat or cool your entire home all the time.This decreased usage helps extend the life of your system, and the longer yoursystem lasts the more money you can save in deferred replacement costs.  

Increased indoor comfort. Often, we congregate in certain areas of our homes during the day, such as the kitchen or family room. Or maybe you like your bedroom to be warmer (or cooler) at night than the rest of your home. With a zoned system that’s no problem. You get to decide what temperature you would like each zone in your home to be. This kind of room-to-room customization is the ultimate in-home comfort.

Get Help From an AC Pro in the Orlando Area

From saving money to optimum comfort, the benefits of a zoned system make it a great choice for cooling and heating your Orlando area home. Rainaldi Home Services would love to discuss how zoning your home could be a good solution for you. Give us a call at (407) 413-9795 or contact us online to set up your appointment today!

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