April HVAC Checklist

April To Do List

The weather is warming up in Orlando. Is your cooling system (HVAC) ready for April? It’s always better to be prepared than to run into problems when you need your cooling the most. Below are five simple ways to prepare your air conditioner for the new season with this April HVAC Checklist.

How To Clean a Garbage Disposal

cleaning a garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal needs a good cleaning and regular maintenance like anything in your home. Luckily, we’ve got five easy steps on just how to clean it. Call your friends at Rainaldi’s for a professional drain cleaning and unclogging when in doubt. Contact us today at [csad_phone] for an appointment.

What you need to know about sewer jetting

sewer jetting

Are your drains smelly, making strange noises, or clogged? It sounds like it’s time to call your friends at Rainaldi Home Services in the Orlando, Florida, area because you probably need your sewers jetted. DIY methods tend only to poke holes in the obstruction, allowing water flow – until it clogs a few months later. But there’s nothing that sewer jetting can’t remove, leaving your pipes squeaky clean.

Dangers of Using Your Oven as a Heat Source

Don't use an oven to heat your home

Every state can have a cold snap during the winter, even Florida. Some heating and air conditioning systems may become inoperable, leaving your home with a chill. It’s imperative, though, to be careful with your alternative mode of heat because safety is of extreme importance in a heating emergency.

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